• Kaori by Kaori Okumura knitwear is unique because of the way that the garments are constructed. I have been developing the technique of finger-knitting/finger crocheting since 2002.

    By definition, my method only uses my fingers to create the knitwear. I don't use knitting needles or hooks. The only exception is when buttons and labels are sewn on.

    But there is another important point which makes my creations different.

    The majority of knitwear is made by making the individual parts first. They are then assembled using the normal clothes making process. Sweaters, for example, are created as a flat 'T' shape. The wearer's body is expected to create the shape for the sweater.

    My designs, however, are knitted around the dummy in order to mould to the 3D shape of the human body. This is especially important for the female body, which has many curves. I want to make my garments comfortable and complimentary. But this would not be possible if I was working with flat patterns.
  • Every single one of my creations is made by my own hands from the start of the knitting process to the end. This attention to detail is, sadly, very rare these days since most clothing on the market is now mass produced in factories. I hope my knitwear can give back the joy of owning something personal and unique to anyone who wears it.

    Kaori Okumura, September 2009.

    Kaori by Kaori Okumura was formerly called KB London.